Monday, June 5, 2017

A Spring Roundup

This spring has been a whirlwind. A blur. A slog. I have been heads-down in front of the computer every weekend writing my first book, after being heads-down in front of the computer during the week writing for my day job. I feel like I have finally emerged from a word-cave, and it turns out there were some bright spots in the spring.

In March, I went to my first conference since high school, and the first one I've been to for editing. The ACES Society for Editing held its national conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, this year, and I got to spend two nonstop nerdy days learnings, talking, and breathing editing. There was some eating and drinking in there too.
Poolside editor happy hour
While I was in Florida, I got to visit my dad north of Tampa who I haven't seen in three years (!!!). We had a blast, dad style. That means letting me sleep in, drinking lots of coffee together, spending time with family, and going for motorcycle rides.
I took another special ride too---in a 1935 Boeing Stearman biplane over the Land o' Lakes area. It was a beautiful plane and a pretty awesome experience.
Another day, we went to the Rainbow River and went kayaking. We saw a ton of birds, ducklings, a swimming snake, and turtles and capped off the afternoon with a nice lunch.
My birthday was in early April, and I celebrated with my family and "birthday twin": my mom's best friend who I share a birthday with. She and my mom lived together when they were both pregnant at the same time, and she was there when I was born on her birthday in a little house in Wallingford. A month later, she gave birth to her son the day after my mom's birthday.
The following weekend I also had a birthday brunch, and amazingly, two of my dear friends happened to be in town from California and Texas, respectively. Seeing them was pretty much the best gift I could imagine.
Later in April on a rare weekend when I took a break from the book, I headed out to the Olympic Peninsula. I camped in the rain, hiked in the sun, tromped in the snow, watched the sun set over the Pacific, and dug razor clams.
I am so, so ready for summer, and for not sitting in front of the computer all the time. What are you excited for this summer?