Thursday, July 13, 2017

San Juan 4th of July: Stuart Island

My family has a long tradition of holding a big family gathering on Stuart Island in the San Juans for the Fourth of July. I haven't been able to make it out there for the past five years due to general summer zaniness, and trying to get to the mountains as much as possible. For example, last year I was attempting to summit Glacier Peak

But this year was the right time to spent a long weekend out there with family and it was just what I needed. I got to hang with both my sisters, their husband and three kids, and a ton of extended family. It was just what the doctor ordered.
Two nieces: my oldest niece and her younger sister
Arrived at the island just as the sun was setting
New tradition for 4th of July weekend: outdoor family movie on the barn
Family picnic: Salmon BBQ/potluck and badminton tournament
Two nieces in their 4th of July dresses
Niece discovers I'm ticklish
Indoor activity after all the sun and playing outside:
Bingo tournament
Hanging on the bluffs and rocks of Turn Point.
We spotted humpback whales!
Monday evening: the kiddos soak the last of the sun
Bonfire and hot dog roast
My auntie with her great-nieces
Caught the sunrise over the bay, around 5 a.m.
I hope you had a fun, safe, and relaxing Fourth!