Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow... It's Treacherous!

That mild fall weather changed lightening quick. Holy snow storm batman! This has been the longest stretch of cold and snow that I can recall in my life of Pacific Northwest winters. Having such extreme weather in our mild climate means we are mostly unprepared, and everything shuts down. Pipes freeze, school gets cancelled, and just getting to work is a sketchy prospect. As Gerrison Keillor said in a recent "News From Lake Wobegon", the thing about snow storms is that they're an excuse to not do anything. 'I was planning on going to the meeting, but I can't go out in this- it's just treacherous!' I finally had to park my bicycle and take to tromping around in the ever-present icy whiteness, in its strange mix of serenity and chaos.

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Ally said...

fun pics, primita! Has the snow all melted there yet? How's winter on Orcas treating you? Love ya!!