Monday, July 27, 2009

Ho Hum

It seems that not a lot of hugely exciting happenings have been happening lately for me, yet I feel like I should write something anyway. Maybe it's because my blog is called AmberAnda, and I haven't been Anda-ing (going) anywhere lately. I feel a bit stuck on the rock. On the upside, I have had a handful of great visitors come here, and it's always fun to show friends around and be tour guide. It even prompts me to do things on the island I haven't done yet, like hike up Mt. Constitution from Mountain Lake.

But if I had to create news from the slim pickin's, I would be hugely happy to report that I just paid off my student loans! About 2 years after graduating college, I am officially debt-free. No credit card bill either. Yeahhhhh, whoooo!

This past weekend I also saw one of the most amazing lightning storms of my life. Granted, I am from the PNW, and we don't get crazy lightning like in the Southwest or other parts of the country, but still, constant jagged forked lightning layered on bright pink sheet lightning was pretty impressive.

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