Friday, January 8, 2010

Wallace Falls

The rainy, grey weather is no reason to stay inside... it is just more reason to find good winter hikes! From Seattle you pretty much have to head down I-90 or Highway 2, and if you are willing to do a little driving, there are some great spots this time of year. Recently I've been going to Wallace Falls near Goldbar. It's before the road starts climbing towards Steven's Pass, and the low elevation means minimal snow for the most part.

It's a cool trail because there are 4 different views of the falls, so you can choose how long to make your hike while getting a view along the way. To the highest lookout point is 2.7 miles, but even past that are several lakes if you wanted to do a longer hike or overnight backpack.

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ElizaBeth said...

Wallace falls is one of my favorite hikes in the Seattle area! People think I'm crazy that I love gray and drizzly weather, so thank you for proving that it does not mean you have to hibernate.