Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Valentine Tradition

I started at the flower shop in Bellingham as temporary help for Valentine's Day 2004 and haven't been able to stay away since. I've been there full-time, part-time, and taken chunks of time off, yet going back for VDay has always stayed the same. This year was my 6th holiday o'luv, missing one year in 2005 when I was in Mexico. Whether I'm dating some one or not, my first love affair is with all the women at the shop. Just look at 'em! They are a delightful, hard-working, fun-loving, humorous bunch. And when necessary, we take things very, very seriously.

Incidentally, this year I was dating some one, and he came over from Orcas to spend the holiday with me. Alex and I stayed with friends Katie and Alan again, our gracious hosts from Thanksgiving. It ended up being a Vday double date, with Alex and Alan making a beautiful dinner for Katie and I. Alan even stood up after dinner and barred our view of the sink, absolutely forbidding any one else from doing any cleanup. What a guy! Alex and I tried to see a show at the Bellingham Circus Guild, but alas, it was sold out by the time we got there. I was bummed, but drinking winter beer at Boundary Bay was a very consoling alternative. Our coupleyness reached new heights the next day when we borrowed a tandem bike from my friend (thanks Victor!) and pedaled around town. I lived in Bellingham for about 6 years, but being on a tandem made me feel gleefully like a tourist. Later when Alex was at yoga I returned the bike by myself. Few things must look as sad as one person alone on a bike made for two, but I was brimming with too much love to let it bother me.

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