Monday, June 28, 2010

Gunsan Promotional Video

We have a "Gunsan Culture" class at my school, and this is a promotional video they show that was put out by the city of Gunsan. It is pretty ridiculous. It makes this gritty, industrial place truly sound like a "Dream Hub" while using too many repeated adjectives and not enough full sentences. Some of my favorite quotes from the video include:

"An optimum industrial cluster facilitating highly technological infrastructures. Facilitated by a perfect transportation infrastructure, providing the perfect infrastructure for building the world's largest distribution network."

"A global enterprise city built on trust, spurring a prosperous future competitiveness through its dreams." (??)

"Warm scenery, melting the heart and soul."

Also, please note how little actual footage of the city there is. Most of what they show are computer graphics. Hmm. Well, it's only 8 minutes and somewhat informative.

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