Monday, August 16, 2010

Couples Outfits

Okay, this post is for Elizabeth because she wanted more info, and is my best blog reader and commenter. :)

So Koreans are pretty contemporary when it comes to marriage age. They encourage both men and women to go to college and get established in a career before starting a family. Around 25 is a good time for women to start getting married. The problem is, by 30, you are considered to be past marital prime. I mean, I'm 28 and feel the slight occasional pressure to get married and make babies, but it's not as if my window of opportunity will close in 2 years. But in Korea these 5 years are key. Consequently, relationships progress very quickly and many couples get married within a year of dating. It's looked upon very favorably by society to have a partner, so it ends up getting flaunted in public. There isn't a lot of making out in parks or anything like I've seen in many parts of Latin America. But there are couple's photo booths, romantic heart sculptures in the park, love rocks, and yes, matching clothes. The most basic couple's getups are matching shirts, but you will see whole outfits, or a man's shirt matching a dress. I see at least one matching couple a day if I'm in a downtown or crowded area.

Oh yeah, matching underwear too.

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ElizaBeth said...

I'm.... I just... wow. I am speechless. I have to say I'd prefer matching couples to making out couples, although both of them fill me with a certain "icky" feeling. Thanks for the special post just for yours truly!!