Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Farewell Spring, In Pictures

No, but seriously, where did the spring go? Usually I can't wait until summer, and this year it's here before I even had time to wait for it.

I think the last few months were more of a blur than usual with Basic Climbing and Mountaineering Class I did, having a weeknight and most weekends planned. It was such a wonderful course though, between learning climbing basics, going snow camping dressed as Courtney Love, doing my first alpine climbs ever, learning glacier travel and crevasse rescue, and climbing Mount Baker. The class finished just at the right time, and I have been appreciating having weekends free again. All in all it was a really great spring.
Waiting to do the Maypole at Woodland Park
The Maypole in progress
Pulling out the bolted, over-wintered kale
Planting in the garden: broccoli, brussel sprouts, and
cauliflower starts... and white wine
Some critter got a garlic!?
Being recently carless means I try to transport ridiculous
things on my bike rack.
Work volunteer event- Spring Clean-Up in Pioneer Square
Mid-spring: 3 boxes on the beehive
One of my bees, drinking from the faucet
Very beginnings of the backyard berries
The garden in late spring

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