Sunday, October 19, 2014

Perfect Hike for Late Summer: Spider Gap to Lyman Lakes

It was the middle of September, and I was looking for a hike I could do where I could feasibly meet a friend who would be hiking in from the north near Lake Chelan. I studied a map of Glacier Peak Wilderness, and saw a halfway point: Spider Gap. I had heard of the hike, and a friend confirmed it was a beautiful area.

I set out early Saturday morning, heading east over Steven's Pass. Just getting to the trailhead was epic, as it's 10 miles down a small paved road, 10 miles on a rough dirt road, then 2 last miles on really really rough dirt road. Just the parking lot felt like I was way back there.

I hiked the relatively flat 5.5 miles toward Spider Meadows. After miles in a forest river valley, the trail opens up into a huge meadow, with campsites, stock camps, river access, and mountains all around. If you are ever looking for a backpacking trip with some one who is new to backpacking, go here!
After crossing through the meadows, the trail starts to climb again. You can hang a right toward Phelps Basin, or left toward the gap. I continued left up steep switchbacks, with a view back down to Spider Meadows below.
Then you hit Spider Glacier. It's a steady but moderate hike up this last bit to the gap, at 9 or 10 miles in.
From the gap you can look north over to the other side, into the Lyman Lakes basin.
We were planning to camp near Upper Lyman Lake, so I headed down that way another mile or so. There was my friend to meet me!
Glacial melt Upper Lyman
We found a stunning campsite near a tarn, looking back up toward the Gap in one direction...
...and down to Lyman Lake in the other.
We drank an Icicle Creek beer by the lakeside and treated water before it was time to make dinner.
It was the perfect time of year to go, on the cusp of the seasons. Hot sun and mild evenings, but with the colors starting to turn. This was hands-down one of my favorite backpacking trips this year.


You Don't Know Me. said...

Hey, Amber! This is awesome. Do you think this would be a great place to hike and camp in the next two weekends in October? I'm a beginner hiker but just got a lot of gear from the REI garage sale on Saturday, and my boyfriend and I are wanting to try it out. -tessa

ElizaBeth said...

Gorgeous!! Way to keep going even into the fall. You're a diehard.